When selecting  bar code labeling software, you should consider the following:

  1. How many users will you have designing and printing labels at one given time?
  2. What type of operating system or network are you using?
  3. Do you have existing labels that need to be converted from another software or from a hard copy? Any compliance labels with specifications/requirements?
  4. Will you be connecting to a database and if so what type? Or will you prompt the print operator at print time to type in data?
  5. Do you need to block users from label design or printing? Would a custom printing screen help reduce user input and printing errors?
  6. Do you need to combine multiple fields together within a bar code or text field?
  7. Are you looking for automated printing integration with another application? (ERP, SAP, Oracle, etc)
  8. What is you printing volume per day and how many printers do you have?
  9. What hardware will you be using with your printing environment? Weight scales, scanners, touch screens, etc?
  10. Are any mobile printers or mobile devices involved for printing?

The very straightforward list found on the Team Barcode Blog, make sure to visit them for the full article and other beneficial information.